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Welcome to the official website for the CCR Broadband Development Committee (CCRBDC), representing Roane, Clay and Calhoun Counties of West Virginia


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******* WE NEED YOUR HELP!*****

Call Us With Your Story


We appreciate the sad irony of using the Internet and social media to draw attention to and solicit feedback from people who don’t have broadband access! Therefore, we have established a phone number, 304-278-4754, that you can call and tell us about your situation. Please leave details about where you live (like the 911) address, what Internet providers are available, the costs, and why you need access. If the telecom companies have promised you something but not delivered, we want to hear that too. Please remember your location is important because it helps us plot where service is needed most and helps us drive the planning and work efforts to give you some affordable choices to get online. Your voicemail will be transcribed; please describe your situation in detail - it will really help! Thank you very much.

Write a Letter

Help us secure grant funding to promote increased broadband access. Please help by writing a letter of support as to why you need broadband service and send it to CCR Broadband Development Committee, c/o Regional Intergovernmental Council, 315 D Street, South Charleston, WV 25303.

Take a Speed Test

We need everyone to take a speed test!

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